Troma’s War (1988) Film Review 4/5

It’s hard to explain a Troma movie to the uninitiated. Is it a comedy? Sort of. Is it a boob-filled exploitation movie? Kind of. Is it a gore flick? Yes and no.Troma films are incredibly low-budget flicks that cross a variety of genres. Assuming you count comedy spoofs, gratuitous lesbianism and boob shots, AIDS jokes, and splattery gore special effects as movie genres. You can pretty much tell by looking at the poster of the film whether or not it will be your mug of beer.

Given that the name of our website is “Film Sewer,” you know we’re Troma fans, so this particular slice of Troma cheese was eaten up like a fresh plate of baby at a cannibal buffet.

The plot is simple: A plane crashes on an island and the survivors have to learn to work together for their own survival. Complicating matters, the island they happen to crash land on is a nest of generic terrorist guerillas of all stripes, nationalities, and clichés, who don’t want their plans to be foiled by a bunch of rubes from Tromaville, New Jersey.

Of course, in any sort of situation in which normal people (a fat guy, an old man, a fake James Bond, a young mother, a slick dude, a chick with big boobs, a token Mexican girl, a kung-fu granny, and a black Catholic priest from the pre-pedophilia days) are stuck on an island with insane guerillas bent on destroying America, there’s going to be a gunfight. As we all know, all it takes is a couple of horrific incidents to turn any normal person into Sly Rocky Rambo Cobra. Just a couple of horrific incidents and a face-painting/arming for battle sequence, of course!

Now that we’ve gotten the plot out of the way, the good stuff can begin.

That’s right. We’re talking slow-motion gunplay. We’re talking a woman getting shot in the boob. We’re talking explosions, car flips, and Siamese twins separated by homemade surgery. We’re talking bad one-liners, good one-liners, karate, and a flaming truck crashing into a boat. We’re talking mindless fun, gross-out gags, inappropriate groan-worthy sequences, jokes a-plenty, and a fat guy making out with a blind girl.

We’re talking one of the most expensive Troma movies ever made: a spoof of big-budget 80’s action movies with a sense of humor that swerves between tasteless, classless, and outright goofy (expensive in a Troma sense is like what Paris Hilton pays for her daily supply of Valtrex). It’s as dumb as you’d expect, but with 1/25th of the budget of your average flick of the genre. You can’t help but groan and grin.

It’s not smart, but it’s funny and a hell of a good time. Pop some popcorn, get yourself a case of beer, find yourself a cute little Tromette, and park it on the couch for 87 minutes of “I can’t believe they went there!” fun.


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