Papa’s got a brand new blog

So, how to break ground on this whole… blog deal. It’s not that I’m not an experienced blogger or writer. I mean hell, I was blogging on the internet before blogs were invented. Back when I started, in 1999 at a defunct wrestling website called, it was just called ‘writing on a website’ and didn’t have a fancy verb name. You kids with your YouTubes and Googles and the EBays. begat and Then came Impaler Wrestling Opinions. Then came nothing for quite some time as I got tired of everything. Well, nothing save e-wrestling (it’s fake professional wrestling crossed with competition writing… who writes best and tells the best story wins, basically… it’s a long story, so wait). I did that for many years, often while doing the wrestling websites, and through that I met my good friend and one of the flakiest people on the face of the earth, JK Radtke.

That lead to my first long-running website experience, (which lasted from March 2004 until October 2006) which became Horror movies, weirdness, exploitation pictures, all the stuff that makes the movie theater floor so sticky. I still post there occasionally, but it’s more of a hobby than the full-time job it was for nearly 2 1/2 years. Mostly because I have another website that I launched in September 2006, called, and I have an occasional writing position with an actual company,

Long story short, I’m not sure how often I’ll update this, but since I know I have at least two readers (Hi Lisa! Hi Ivy!), I’ll try to do it occasionally and not do too much self-promotion.

Y’know, unlike this entire post of links to stuff I do other places.


2 Responses to “Papa’s got a brand new blog”

  1. newscoma Says:

    As I adore horror movies, you are this week’s blog crush (learned that term from Ivy.)

  2. Happy Blogaversary To The Best Blogger Ever « Subtle Bluntness Says:

    […] Blogaversary To The Best Blogger Ever Well, as of yesterday, this old blog (as opposed to my TV show in development, This Ol’ Blog) has been around for […]

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