Goin’ off the rails on the Baby Train

In news that means nothing to you, Patrick (one of the original three guys who started Living Corpse) has not only gotten married, he’s also knocked up his old lady.  So good for him, I guess  I’m not so sure how to congratulate a guy on getting someone pregnant, so I figured “Way to not pull out!” was appropriate.

I feel that I’m rapidly becoming an old maid (now I know how all you ladies feel). Everybody’s getting married, or gotten married, or getting divorced. Everyone’s having kids, or planning on kids. Everyone’s buying houses and, uh, not living in their parents’ basement.

Of the three young bucks that started Living Corpse, and the one that joined us not terribly long after, two of them are married. One’s got a kid on the way. Even Sarah (who has an awesome job that I want badly) has her live-in boyfriend, who is about the coolest motherfucker alive because he likes the same things as me (I go to his MySpace and I see Zombina and the Skeletones and Ben Weasel, how could I not instantly like him?) .

As for me? Yeah, I’m far from married, and I see myself staying that way for quite a long time.   I feel the press, of course; that frantic gnawing at the back of my neck that says I should hurry up and settle down.  The itch that suggests that prolonged adolescense is only going to make it that much more difficult to move on as time passes, as I find ways to get even less socially-active and more withdrawn.  It comes and goes.

I don’t want to just make any move; I want to try to make the right move.


2 Responses to “Goin’ off the rails on the Baby Train”

  1. chez bez Says:

    Meanwhile, many good people with spouses and kids and no free time for anything envy the hell out of bachelors like you. At least from time to time.

    Have fun.

  2. chez bez Says:

    Oh, and “way to not pull out” is awesome.


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