All things must end: The series finale of The Sopranos leaves a lot of idiots scratching their heads

David Chase’s final episode of the epic television series The Sopranos has been, one day later, the most discussed event possibly in the history of the universe. As I flipped through the channels this morning, every news or news-like program was breathlessly discussing just what it meant, even though I’m sure there were more important things going on in the world at large this morning. After all, Paris Hilton is still at large, knocking over liquor stores and burning down convents (or whatever it is she’s doing).

CNN? There’s Tony Soprano. Fox News? There’s Paulie Walnuts. ESPN? More talk about the Sopranos (and that’s a bloody sports news channel!). This is the most publicity the band Journey has gotten in 20 years, and it’s all thanks to peoples’ desire to analyze the hell out of the final scene of The Sopranos. Everyone, from news anchors to supposed experts, has decided to throw their two cents worth of opinion into the morass.

As I look down into the scrum, I cast aside my shield and shout, “Me too!”

If you’re trying to avoid spoilers and have somehow managed to do it thus far, then apparently you live in a cave and probably aren’t reading this article on the internet. If you do live in a cave and can get online, then email me the name of your wireless card, because it’s quite possibly the most impressive piece of technology in history.

Want to read more? I know you do. Check out my wrap-up of the final Sopranos ever (until the movie) at Den of Geek.


4 Responses to “All things must end: The series finale of The Sopranos leaves a lot of idiots scratching their heads”

  1. Sarah Dobbs Says:

    It’s uploaded now, you cheeky get. And it’s here:

  2. Ron Says:

    Cheeky? I’m just out there promoting our quality product!

  3. Sarah Dobbs Says:

    You’re right. 🙂

  4. Ron Says:

    My 5 readers here will surely do wonders for improving DoG’s standing in the online nerdery.

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