holy shit

Those riots I was talking about earlier? Yeah, those unconfirmed reports have pretty much been confirmed. This isn’t some normal riot. Rioters don’t drag cops down off horses and start tearing into them. This is not good.


3 Responses to “holy shit”

  1. Matt Hartley Says:

    Hey Ron,

    My name is Matt Hartley and I’m a reporter with the Globe and Mail newspaper in Toronto, Canada. I was hoping to do a story about the Zombie Blogs thing going on today and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind talking to me about why you decided to participate? It’s just a fun little story we’re hoping to do. Anyhow, I can be reached at 416-585-5503 or at mhartley@globeandmail.com. I’d be happy to phone you back to accept any LD charges. Thanks for reading this, and best of luck in your war against the undead.


  2. the Barrow-Wight Says:

    Listen man – get all the food, water, and if you can’t get a damn gun a small pick axe might do (you bash them in the brains with it) and hole up somewhere. They will rot, but it takes time. Only the recently deceased can ambulate. Good luck. My parents saw this kinda thing back in the sixties here in Western Pennsylvania. We can beat them – I heard on short wave there’s already hunting parties out around here taking out these chowder heads. Hope where you’re at allows red necks to own guns.

  3. Ron Says:

    I’m in Kentucky; there are at least three guns in this house that I know of, not counting the gun cabinet.

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