the fading scream of a dying ambulance

Guess who realized that, less than two miles away from his house, is a hospital teeming with probably-reanimated corpses? Yeah, me. I don’t hear the sirens from Mary & Elizabeth anymore; that’s probably not a good sign. TV says they’re opening up rescue stations for the displaced at Ft. Knox, among other places. They’re, from what I can tell, trying to move people out of the city and into the old county, where there’s not as many dead people shambling around.

Yeah, right. I’ll put my faith in the government. I remember what happened during Katrina. I’m going to head out to the garage and the shed to see if we have anything I can use to board up the windows and the back door. The other windows are too high off the ground to get to.

I’ve got a gun with me, but I haven’t shot it in years. Good thing they don’t run around too much. From what I’ve seen on TV, you can pretty much walk right up to them and shoot them. You’re only fucked if you’re surrounded. They’re pretty slow, and not very smart, but I have no doubt I’ll be up to my balls in them sooner, rather than later. If I stick around here long.

Wish me luck, kids. If I live, I’ll let you know.


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