a hollow-eyed reflection in the mirror

As for BLITEOTW, it was a lot of fun once I finally got myself into the place where it was easy for me to write. I struggled getting into it for four hours Tuesday night (after my first trip to the dentist this week), and I probably rejected three or four different posts before I finally said fuck it and started something (anything). The journey of a million miles starts with a single cliché, after all.

God knows I drove Ivy nuts about it, and she got the least of my displeasure with myself and what I pompously call my work. When it’s something I think people will actually read (unlike a blog post), I’m NEVER satisfied with it. I don’t know anyone who writes (and I know more than a few published authors, and even more unpublished hobbyists) who can ever look at something they did and like it, because they can always see where something should be changed (no matter how many revisions the piece has gone through).

I loathe everything I’ve ever written, but the slow and steady trickle of praise and compliments has made the whole torturous exercise worthwhile. Thank you all for reading. I really appreciate it. I write for me, but I publish for you.

Until next zombie outbreak, I’ll be playing Endless Zombie Rampage.


3 Responses to “a hollow-eyed reflection in the mirror”

  1. Sarah Dobbs Says:

    Don’t you ever go back to things you wrote years ago and think “hey, that was actually good…?”

    I do that all the time and then worry that I’ve lost my touch. I’m assured that actually, it’s just because time puts the necessary distance between me and my work for me to be able to appreciate it from a place of detachment…

    But I’m a hack, and not a creative type. So, meh. For what it’s worth, I really enjoyed your BLITEOTW posts.

  2. Ron Says:

    No, I generally go back to things I wrote years ago and think “I can’t believe I thought this was good! WTF was wrong with me?!” About the only things I’ve done I can find redeeming value in are academic papers.

  3. Jade Says:

    Ya big silly, when you review your work, you need to adopt the “WDJS?” method.

    Ask yourself, “What did Jade say?”

    Most likely, I told you that it kicked ass (which it usually does), and you should never think otherwise. :p 😀

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