am I supposed to conduct this experiment with my penis?

Thanks to this thread on NiT, everyone now knows about my expertise on the issue of experimental methods and design (thank you, four classes on that subject!) and circumcision.  Circumcision, or as I like to call it ‘male genital mutliation,’ is one of my pet issues, and I love a good fight, especially when it’s a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent (it’s not really his fault, the study is incredibly flawed IMO).   So, yeah, my complete pwning of that guy on the thread has been the highlight of my day (that sounds sad, until you consider my day today was 8 hours of me stapling three forms together).

Strangely enough, the state of Kentucky has the highest circumcision rate in the US at 85%, tied with Michigan.   That puts me in the minority camp in terms of this state, not that it’s necessarially a bad thing to be unlike the rest of Kentucky and the upper midwest (especially on this issue).  I could rehash here all the things that are wrong with the study cited and the fallacy of comparing Africa to Europe, Asia, and the Americas, but I won’t.  Barring some outcry of popular demand, I won’t go into details (again) of why the study sucks and is useless science.

I figure that the uncircumcised penis worked great for thousands of years of human evolution, so keeping all the parts we’re born with can’t be a terrible thing.


15 Responses to “am I supposed to conduct this experiment with my penis?”

  1. Klinde Says:

    Being married to a European makes my stance on this known. Dance with the one that brung ya…

    Not circumsized = good times had by all.

    The German will probably kill me for making that public but Kudos to him!

  2. Ron Says:

    Well, since he’s “The German,” I kind of figured he’d be in the same camp as I am and that we’d both wear our hoods up, so to speak.

  3. Sarah Dobbs Says:

    Circumcision is fucking weird.

  4. Ron Says:


    All this enlightened European viewpoint is refreshing, considering I’m in the unmutilated 15 percent of my state and most of the women who’ve taken a gander at me haven’t seen a natural man before.

  5. Klinde Says:

    Ron, they have NO FREAKIN’ IDEA WHAT THEY ARE MISSING!! Yes, looks a little different then what they are “used to”… But for the good, the very good…

  6. Klinde Says:

    I hit the “submit comment” button before I realized that I should not have used the word “little”… My apologies to the penis.

  7. Ron Says:

    Ohh, there are so many things I *could* say, but so few of them won’t get me in trouble!

  8. Klinde Says:

    Ron is comment-free and that amazes me…..

    You are going to have to come to the next Nashville meet up and get to know your posse….

    Kudos to the foreskin….

  9. Ron Says:

    Oh no, just because I choose not to comment doesn’t mean I’m out of things to say! That means I’m out of things to say that won’t make a German man come after me, looking to hurt me.

  10. Klinde Says:

    Yep, the German played 20+ years of soccer and has an amazing head-butt; however, he can not catch anything to save his life.

    Oh, I forgot to mention one thing… Pomplemousse = French for grapefruit and pampelmuse = German for grapefruit.

    Who knew the Germans and the French would almost come to terms over citrus?

  11. Ron Says:

    Well, I ain’t exactly hard to catch, but hitting me in the head isn’t going to do any good. I’ve hit my head so many times on so many things I’m immune to blows to the skull.

  12. Klinde Says:

    I understand. I have broken two bones in my body… Left ankle and my skull….

    I am woman, hear me roar…

    Omigosh, I just quoted Helen Reddy… I blame the beer.

  13. Ron Says:

    The only thing I’ve ever had broken is my heart. q.q

  14. Klinde Says:

    Me too; however, a good German that I have known for almost 14 years saved me from it happening again. And I am about to celebrate being married to him a year in 12 days.

    A “good” previous divorce almost “cured” me of letting go and loving again. It goes much deeper than that and I am reticent to go into details; however, I am blessed now beyond anything I can explain.

    Broken heart = pain. Full heart = joy. I am fortunate to be of the latter.

  15. Ron Says:

    Late response, but that’s like the sweetest thing I’ve ever read in this blog.

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