The joy of sleep

So the lovely and talented Klinde tagged me for a pre-bed ritual meme.  I have to list six weird things I do either getting ready to sleep or while sleeping.  I’m not sure how weird these are, but what the hell?

1.  I have to go to the bathroom and wash my hands before going to sleep.  This is generally the last thing I do, too.  I’m not sure why, but I can’t leave the house (or work) without making sure I’ve stopped by the bathroom.  I guess 25 years of ‘make sure you pee before you leave the house, because we’re not stopping’ takes its toll on you.

2.  I triple-check all my alarm clocks.  I have three alarms that go off (first my real clock, 15 minutes later my TV, and 30 minutes later my phone) and I make sure they’re all set properly.  I’m a heavy sleeper, as I tend to take a long time to actually get to sleep, so I always have trouble waking up.  Wjich leads to my next point…

3.  I tend to do things in my sleep.  Sometimes I have conversations with people, sometimes I turn on the TV, and a lot of the time I get up and turn off my big alarm clock.  Hence the two other alarms designed to make sure I wake up in a reasonable amount of time (which usually allows me to get to work only 5 minutes late).

4.  I have to sleep on my stomach/extreme side with one arm under my head.  I absolutely cannot get to sleep any other way without serious effort on my part to make myself sleep.

5.  I have to have something covering me.  From an electric blanket in winter to a light sheet in the spring, to a blanket again when the air conditioner is cranked up to nipple-hardeningly cold, I cannot be exposed to ‘the elements’, except for my feet.  My feet can be covered or uncovered, depending on the ambient room temperature.

6.  I have to know where my TV remote, cable remote, drink, and cell phone are before I can sleep.  If for some reason I can’t find one of those things, I will not sleep until everything is accounted for, no matter how long that might take.

Now, it’s my turn to tag some folks, so… hmm, Ivy and the News-based Coma.  That should be fun, assuming they play nice.


9 Responses to “The joy of sleep”

  1. Klinde Says:

    If I were not married I would chase you…. And you would like it….

  2. Nocturnal Newscoma « Newscoma Says:

    […] the wind in my hair and to sleep and dream of innocence. I’ve been tagged so I will oblige Hollywood Ron who has asked me to participate in this […]

  3. Snagged Tagged « GingerSnaps Says:

    […] I’m about to go to sleep.  Can I do a reverse-tag and just say how interesting I thought these two were?  […]

  4. Krispy Kreme, good day or night « the badbadivy experience Says:

    […] I’ve been tagged again, so here’s your meme, bitch.  In case you haven’t seen it around, it’s 6 things about how you either prepare to […]

  5. Ron Says:

    The chase I don’t mind. It’s the part where you catch me and kill me that I’m not crazy about.

  6. newscoma Says:

    Klinde, you make me laugh.

  7. Ron Says:

    Klinde is usually good for a giggle or three. 🙂

  8. newscoma Says:

    It’s busy over here, Hollywood.
    You gots a bit ‘o traffic.

  9. Ron Says:

    I noticed that, I’m basking in the glow. Not as good as the two days of the zombie uprising, but a solid third place by a wide margin! 🙂

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