you may now contact me with your dumb questions

Thanks to Lynnster, I now have a contact page for my blog.  I feel so accomplished now, and all I did was badger someone else into telling me what to do?

Author’s note:  I kinda feel bad for Lynnster, because as I peruse the blogs of others, everyone with any sort of technical problem with WordPress rushes right to Lynnster’s doorstep.  She should probably start charging by the hour for techincal support and talking in an Indian accent.  Thankyou, Comeagain!


4 Responses to “you may now contact me with your dumb questions”

  1. Klinde Says:

    Lynnster rocks, doesn’t she? She helped me out as well and I am sooo appreciative.

  2. Klinde Says:

    I so laughed my ass off at your comment on my site about

    “The difference between pets and children is if you’re starving to death, you’ll eat your children. You can always have/buy more.”

  3. Ron Says:

    Hahaha, I do my best to be entertaining, even if it gets a little Swiftian.

  4. Jerry Vilhotti Says:

    Do you do baseball from the eyes of Greek Gods? If so let me know and I shall send you some of my works, Jerry V. ….

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