because of silently popular demand

Because of popular demand, or because I don’t have any ideas about anything to write at the moment, I’m going to link you guys to some of the other Den of Geek pieces I’ve written from back in the day.  Well, at least the ones I can still find, because on that website there’s no decent archive system and things tend to disappear into the aether and I don’t feel like hunting them up again.

Anyway, on with the self-promotional link dump!

Ron reviews Spider-Man 3 and absoultely shreds Kirsten Dunst.

A tribute to deceased maverick filmmaker Bob Clark in which I try not to mention “Superbabies.”

Speaking of Spider-Man 3, here’s a list of five of the worst sequels ever (including that crime against humanity, Blues Brothers 2000).

So yeah, go there, check me out, Digg me, register and leave comments, do all that groovy stuff that I know you kids are good for.  The more hits and comments I get, the better I look.  The better I look, the more likely I’ll be able to con someone into giving me a job in the legitimate media (or at least pay me to blog).


2 Responses to “because of silently popular demand”

  1. newscoma Says:

    I have not seen Spiderman 3.
    I admit this without shame.

  2. Ron Says:

    You’ve missed absolutely nothing.

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