I met up with some friends from college tonight to eat at BW3 (twice the price, half the food… but at least the sauce selection is of the good). Someone at my table got a mai tai, and I got myself a healthy glass of Bass. Of course, it cost me $5, which is insane and way too much. My next giant glass of beer was a Miller Lite, and how much did THAT run me? $3.50.


This was like a 23 ounce beer or something, so maybe I shouldn’t complain. But still! Is beer this expensive everywhere, or is it just this expensive places I end up buying beer at? (At the Hall of Fame Cafe, over by U of Louisville, a 24oz. Bass cost me $7.50!)

This is why I do my drinking at home, folks (and yes, I’m drinking right now, which is why this piece is neither well-written nor funny).


3 Responses to “beeru!”

  1. Klinde Says:

    Ummmm, beer….. I love it the same way Homer Simpson loves his doughnuts…. Of course, we have already spoken about the passion for beer. Of. The. Good. If it were not early on a Sunday morning I would have one now. But then again, the folks are coming over in a few hours so I have to be a good girl. Not an easy task….

  2. newscoma Says:

    Well, it’s Sunday afternoon. I’d just start drinking all over again.

  3. Ron Says:

    How do you say “of the good” in German? Vom guten?

    That being said, I didn’t post a second blog entry in a row about beer for fear of sounding like an alcoholic.

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