meme roundup, wild west style

So according to the memes found at Mingle2 via Newscoma and everyone else, I’m 87% addicted to my R-rated blog (for saying penis twice and bastards once… I guess that’s penis four times and bastards three times now), and only 71% addicted to coffee. My dead body is worth $4425, so maybe I should cut back on the coffee and blogging.

The internet can tell you all sorts of great things these days, like how much you like certain things, how addicted to substances you are, and how much money your corpse is worth after you kick the bucket. Now if only someone could point me in the direction of places where I can enhance my sex drive, refinance my home loans, attract the opposite sex, get out of debt, buy cheap prescription drugs, and mighty my penis.  Gussy it up however you want, Trebek.

I suppose the tubes can’t do everything for me.


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