Chris Benoit

My cousin is running NiT for two whole days, which means if I play my cards right I get a free link from NiT and all the hits and publicity that comes along with it. So, of course, I have absolutely nothing of substance to write about, thanks in no small part to the demise of Chris Benoit, one of my favorite wrestlers ever. Sigh.

I’ve been a huge fan of the Crippler since 1993, when he broke into WCW by wrestling 2 Cold Scorpio and Jushin “Thunder” Liger. My man-crush on Benoit only deepened when I discovered ECW and his work in the Triple Threat. Never one for working the microphone, and always on the small side for a professional wrestler, Benoit made up for his flaws by being a peerless performer in the ring, an excellent storyteller and ring technician, and by cultivating a look and style that played up his stoic demeanor.

I hope things don’t work out the way I fear they will. I don’t want my memories of the man tainted by the circumstances of his early death. It’s hard to accept our heroes are human.


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  1. Nashville is Talking » Chris Benoit, murderer or hero? Says:

    […] Isaac at Sports B*stards is distraught, as is Ron over at his personal blog. […]

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