View the wonders of fubakky.

Side effects of Fubakky include incontinence, incompetence, insanity, depression, and spontaneous zombism.  Not for use by women who are pregnant or who may become pregnant, as opposed to pregnant men, who are still okay to try fubakky.


6 Responses to “fubakky!”

  1. newscoma Says:

    More zombieism from Hollywood.
    I dig how passionate you are

  2. Ron Says:

    We must remain ever vigilant, Coma. They’re always out there, and they’re always waiting…

  3. Jade Says:

    Yeah, but who linked you to teh cute yet undead bunny? 😉

  4. Ron Says:

    The bundead are just as threatening as a normal zombie, just more cuddly.

  5. Jade Says:

    More proof that the bundead are thriving among us:

    I think someone’s been putting fubakky in their feed. 🙂

  6. Ron Says:

    That is a creepily awesome picture!

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