in your face, England!

The first email I ever wrote the lovely and talented Sarah Dobbs, in which I asked her to do film reviews for the old Living Corpse website, contained the post-script:  “PS:  Sorry about the whole Revolutionary War thing.”  I like to tell myself that’s what won her over to the dark side, though it was more like I met her through a friend of a friend who linked me to one of her movie reviews or something.

I actually forget how it REALLY happened, but I do remember tossing out that comment about the American Revolution.  Sarah, if you remember, feel free to tell the real story.  As for me, I prefer to think that I won you over with comedy.


14 Responses to “in your face, England!”

  1. Sarah Dobbs Says:

    The first e-mail I have from you:


    First of all, thanks for checking the website out. Also, thanks for actually liking our little corner of the internet. Thirdly, thanks for sending in a sample review. I gave it a glance over tonight and so far so good. Tomorrow after a few hours of sleep I’ll read through it again and get out the ‘Red Pen of Doom’ and give you better feedback.

    However (and here comes the vote of confidence), I’m going to forward your review to the other guy in charge of the website, JK Radkte, and try to get some feedback from him on it, too. However, you echo my feelings about Underworld to a tee (tea? T? Whatever.) That movie sucked out loud, in color, and with Jerry Bruckheimer-style explosions of lousiness.

    Sorry for the delay in feedback, but I’ve been slacking off lately. Holidays and all that.

    Can’t find your initial LiveJournal comment to me, though.

    Um, and what did I do to merit this entry, anyway?

  2. Ron Says:

    You didn’t do anything, but it’s the Fourth of July today. It’s the day we remember pwning your country in the face back in the day, and since you’re like the only English person I know, that means you. Maybe I left it as a journal comment somewhere or something; I know I said it. I’m not crazy.

  3. Jade Says:

    Perhaps in a LC forum comment or something? I know I’ve seen that comment somewhere in your multitude of postings. 😀

  4. Ron Says:

    There is no telling where I said it, Jade. I just know I said it, and it was awesome.

  5. Sarah Dobbs Says:

    I figured that out as I was falling asleep last night. Bleh.

  6. Ron Says:

    I forget you live in the not-too-distant future.

  7. D. Peace Says:

    I like to think that we Americans and the English aren’t TOO different, after all.

    They do have Guy Fawkes Day, don’t forget. The entire point of that holiday is to celebrate an attempt to destroy Parliament.

    It’s almost as if the one thing Americans and the British can agree on, it’s that the Queen sucks it.

    Food for thought.

  8. Sarah Dobbs Says:

    Indeed I do. I’m not sure how that would help me figure things out faster, though. I think I was just drifting to sleep thinking “oh, it’s 4th July today… OH WAIT RON’S BLOG I GET IT.”

  9. Ron Says:

    Peace: I certainly hope the Queen sucks it, for her husband’s sake.

  10. D. Peace Says:

    Er, wait. Maybe I’m misunderstanding.

    Anyone English who’s reading this: Is the point of Guy Fawkes Day to celebrate Guy Fawkes himself, for being brave enough to challenge the crown, or is it to celebrate the fact that he failed and was killed?

    Is he being honored or vilified? Is Guy Fawkes Day commending revolutionary spirit or are they celebrating the King successfully crushing the spirit of the common man?

    I’m confused…

  11. Sarah Dobbs Says:

    Vilified. We celebrate that he failed. But you’d be hard pushed to find someone who actually called it Guy Fawkes Night, as opposed to Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night.

  12. Ron Knee Says:

    Here we call it Margaret Thatch night, we burn an effigy of maggie thatcher and stick roman candles up it’s ass. Much like the real person when she was prime minister, actually.

    D. Peace: It is customary in England for the general run of the mill honkys to suck up to the government and make believe that they celebrate the foiling of the gunpowder plot. Then after that they go back indoors and whinge about what a mess our government has made of the country. What they would really like is to see Gordon Brown and Co. tarred and feathered, Tony Blair charged with perverting the course of justice (he has already been interviewed by the police twice) and all the other top brass who regularly fill their own pockets with taxpayer’s money thrown into the Thames in lead jackets.

    BUT this is England so “Mustn’t grumble, eh?”

  13. D. Peace Says:

    Interesting. Thanks for the info.

  14. Ron Says:

    Interesting regional conflict here. I hope you guys fight it out.

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