subtle bluntness and subtle racism

Ginger:  damn, a chigger has bitten my ass

Me:  That’s why I think the Klan needs to make a comeback.

Me:  Oh wait, you said “chigger.

Ginger dear god

Ginger LMAO

me: Come on, that was funny!

Ginger: that was hysterical!  I’m trying not to laugh out loud and wake up the house!


4 Responses to “subtle bluntness and subtle racism”

  1. O.D. Says:

    You’re damn right, it was funny! Excellent post! Ha-ha!
    Let’s see those fuckin’ over-protected, falsely righteous, overzealous racist paranoids…try burying the word ‘cracker’ (that they use on the white folks) instead of being so concerned over the word ‘nigger’ – that is mostly overused by the African Americans, to fuckin’ start with!
    Hello, my fellow Ghetto Fabulous Haters! Yeah, I said the stupid “N Word” you fuckin neglets from extreme (Neanderthal) racist proportions!! Get a life, and quit stressing the over-rated value within the “N Word.”
    By the way, when are we going to start having the “Miss Hispanic America” contests, along with the “Miss White America”….you know, to be fair – since they have had a “Miss Black America” for quite sometime now. Yes…, come on down to America; we are currently accepting ALL applications! Lets blow this mutha fucker up! Ha-ha! As Don King would say, “Only in America!”

  2. Ginger Says:

    Even your headline is brilliant! 😉

  3. Ron Says:

    OD, you’ve lost your damn mind!

  4. O.D. Says:

    Not me; it was the recent news headlines about racist shit, that went loco. I just forgot to be subtle about it – in the comment. Damn, wrong blog……my bad!

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