The blowful Big Brother

So, because I know Newscoma cares, here are my thoughts on America’s Big Brother and why this season has been so awful.

Sarah, though, brought up an interesting point. Their Big Brother franchises (8 seasons of Big Brother, 5 seasons of Celebrity Big Brother, and one season of Teen Big Brother that was marred by an almost pregnancy, and it’s incredibly sad that I know this because I don’t live in England) seem to be running out of steam, as well (though they have been making racial slurs against blacks and Indians, so at least there’s SOMETHING worth talking about).

So after reading Sarah’s comment about how their Big Brother is seen as an easy path to fame for otherwise untalented and uninteresting people who now do their best not to be too flashy, a compromise has developed. Well, we’ve come up with two ideas that could very well work. I’ll leave it to Endemol to decide what they want to do, and they can just write me a check when they decide.

The Big Brother contestants do contests, and the losers of said contests go up for public elimination. Or alternately, the public votes, and the lowest two vote-getters have to do some sort of contest to save themselves form elimination (and buying immunity from the next elimination cycle, which prevents the same people from going up for elimination every week).

It would be interesting to see how the Big Brother UK contestants would be have in the Big Brother US environment and vice versa. I know they’ve done guest housemates for limited runs (like from Australia to the UK or South Africa to Australia or whatever) and combined all-star series with Sweden and Norway, but have they ever done an international house-swap on a full scale?

It might work; it might not. It would definitely breathe some life into a couple of tired franchises, though. I’d be interested enough to watch it again if it was a bunch of strange international folks rather than a bunch of rejects from MTV’s Real World franchise.


4 Responses to “The blowful Big Brother”

  1. newscoma Says:

    NOW, now!!!
    I told you it sucked.
    Like Country Club Beer on a summer day. It tastes good at the time, but you will hurl.

    It’s bad, but I might win money off of it.
    Go BBUK, which is more inspiring.

  2. Ron Says:

    I’d love for the Big Brother franchises to do something absolutely crazy, like take the most insane guests from all the international Big Brothers (who speak English) and stick them in the same house. I know I’d watch that; not only do you have all the normal fights and craziness, you’d also have language differences to make those fights extra rough!

  3. squirrelqueen Says:

    There is something lacking in this batch of houseguests, but Jen winning HOH certainly threw a wrench into the mix.

  4. Sarah Dobbs Says:

    I’m off work today, so I watched some of last night’s BB repeat.

    The whole episode was an argument over a clock. Big Brother put a clock in the house; one of the guys remarked on what the time was, out loud. One of the girls went batshit because she didn’t want to know what the time was, and thought it should be her choice.

    These people are fucking failures in life. I don’t want to see them on magazine covers.

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