Get a taste of KUNT in Hawaii

Wouldn’t you like to watch KUNT on your television?  Of course you would.  I know I’m already one of KUNT’s biggest fans, and they haven’t broadcast a single program yet.  Who doesn’t like a little KUNT now and then?

We all know why Kevin Bae, a VP at KM Communications, selected these long‑unused call signs.  Can you think of an easier way to get a low‑powered digital television station that hasn’t even been built yet on the front page of Google News or on the Reuters news feed?  Can you think of an easier way to sell tee-shirts and get the attention of the internet generation by co-opting a dirty word?  And to top it off, Bae showed his lolcat proficiency by obtaining one of the best acronyms ever invented on the Tubes! 

I’m sure someone already owns the rights to KOCK, otherwise Bae would’ve gotten that one, too.  It’d be the perfect sister station to KUNT, don’t you agree?  They’d fit perfectly together, with the old‑school hard reporting of KOCK fitting right in with the soft news and fluffiness of KUNT’s news team. 

Before you ask:  No, I couldn’t think of any other cheesy KOCK and KUNT jokes to include here, but I sure did try.  Kudos, Kevin Bae.  You’re an advertising genius and I can’t believe the KUNTs got away with this. 


2 Responses to “Get a taste of KUNT in Hawaii”

  1. Porno Man Says:

    ‘Kunt’ & ‘Kock’ are totally exceptional/excellent variants for mainstream advertising…, all while being sly & nifty. I’d like to give a shot-out to the ‘Klits’ who ‘Kum’ this one up….. Now…, this ALL sounds like it would end up into one huge monetary ‘Kum Facial’…..ha-ha! Sometimes intentional typos are fun……, especially for marketing reasons. O.K., I’m signing off to the stimulated Klits & pounded Kunts…., that created the reasons for the additional eager Kocks that had loads of Kum…… Bukkake! Damn, this post has boosted the letter K’s ranks in the alphabet. Holla!

  2. Ron Says:

    Wow, that one got out of hand pretty fast…

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