how flies time… er, time flies

It seems like only yesterday that I was waxing poetic about an Amazon gift card. Oh, it was so cute, too. Thrilled to death that a million-dollar company could squeeze out a few spare bucks and leave me a gift in such a manner (no doubt after much clawing, scratching, and fighting from my wonderful editors Sarah and Simon).

Here it is, a week later, I’m officially a paid blogger over at Shaktronics. Feel free to go read my first post, I think you’ll like my charming, caveman-like attitude towards the cellular telephone.

Don’t ask me how it happened (nepotism), but it happened and I couldn’t be happier about it! Just think, if I could land seven more blogging gigs like this, I could think about quitting my real job if it didn’t give me health insurance! I don’t know why or when, but it’s like when I launched this humble little rant chamber, I put myself into a position as to where I could stop chasing after my dreams with the chainsaw of desire and start actually carving them into Farmer Vincent’s fritters.


2 Responses to “how flies time… er, time flies”

  1. Klinde Says:

    I am so envious that you are getting paid and I just get beer if the German likes my posts…

    Yes, I can buy my own beer but the thought behind it does not go unnoticed….


  2. Ron Says:

    Klinde, next time we get to hang out I’ll buy you a beer or three. πŸ™‚

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