sex jokes ahoy, plus movie news for MMORPG geeks

There is nothing people love more than a free game, which is why I initially gave Second Life a shot. I knew people who played it, and who enjoyed it; it’s sort of the reason why I began playing World of Warcraft, but since I was already paying for one game, I wasn’t going to pay for a second game. Hence the importance of Second Life being free in my decision to try it.

It wasn’t that I really wanted to get sucked into yet another game known to be as addictive as a heroin smoothie, but at the same time who doesn’t want to be left out of the hot new thing? I know I don’t. My cousin swore by the game, saying it was a blast. Little did I know.

Second Life
, for those of you who haven’t looked at a single gaming/technology magazine in the past two years, is an online game where you create and customize your own avatar, plunge headlong into a digital world populated by thousands (or at least a hundred or so at one time) of other people, all of whom are hunched over a computer keyboard in a darkened room, just like you. From the comfort of your own home, you guide your avatar as it walks around, rides around on jet skis, dances in packed clubs to streaming music, or engages in a never-ending quest for the kinkiest XXX action outside of a Jenna Jameson film.

So it is just like real life, except without the need to groom yourself, shower, and engage in pesky and distracting analog interaction with others.

So, should you trade your meatspace presence in for a Second Life?  Click here to find out if SL is for you (or click there if you just want to read a bunch of sex jokes). 

Also on Den of Geek, I break the news about the upcoming $100 million dollar World of Warcraft movie, brought to you by one of the producers of 300 and Legendary Pictures.  As you can see, I’m breathlessly excited by the idea, mostly because Blizzard has whored their property out to everyone and their mother and haven’t managed to fuck it up once! 


6 Responses to “sex jokes ahoy, plus movie news for MMORPG geeks”

  1. Ol' fuckin' D Says:

    I’d play you at a game of “Age of Empires (1, 2 or 3)” any fuckin’ day…, for example. Fuck all this gay ‘techno shit’… Strategy games will always fuckin’ rule to the eager intellectuals! Hail to the Furor! XXX Action is for amusement/pleasure, cyber strategy is for intellectual enticement & alluringly invoked endeavors…… Humanoids vs. humanoids (The Roman days, if you will.)…is where it is truly at [also known as sports/competitive related activities]. Technology is only second to money, third to greed & 4th to materialistic virtues…when it comes to the downfall of this planet… Go figure…, while you’re at it…praise be everything before the Industrial Revolution…you stupid bitch-ass mutha fuckers! There was loads of positive info in the prior message; any thing else is fuckin’ uncivilized……

  2. Ron Says:

    Really? I’ve never played Age of Empires, but I love strategy games! I might have to pick up a copy and engage you in a little brain-to-brain combat sometime.

  3. O.D. Says:

    I’d recommend: ‘Age of Empires 2 – Gold Edition’
    It was bad-ass for its time period (it has been out for a few years). I never played the 3rd edition. I agree, strategy games kick ass – especially when they involve some of that good ol’ animated blood & violence!

  4. observantbystander Says:

    Tried the 2nd life as an experiment, ditched it in 2 days (only after visiting the XXX rooms). Not sure what there is to do in 2nd life except walk (or fly) around, and dance. What a strange little place, but how convenient that one can do it in the darkened safety of their own home whilst wearing their most comfortable Jar Jar Binks sweatpants.

  5. Ron Says:

    Bystander: Definitely. It’s not exactly the most interesting game in the world. It makes The Sims look like Fallout. Will add you to the blogroll, if you’d like.

    OD: I’ll have to give it a look-for.

  6. observantbystander Says:

    By all means, Ron, blogroll away!

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