feed the children

Mars: You see this?

AP:  Pentagon balks at using ‘ray gun’ for Iraqi crowd control

Mars: … Doesn’t even sound like the thing is actually ready to be used, according to the notes at the bottom of the story.

Ron: “Unlike a stint in Abu Ghraib with Lynndie England, the ADS only provides a mild burning sensation on the skin, and not a burning sensation when you pee.”

Mars: Hahaha.

They counted on the knee-jerk reaction there. “OMG WE HAVE A RAYGUN?!?!!!!111oneoneoneoneone..”

Ron: Dude, that’s an awesome development. Call me back when it becomes a death ray

Mars: LOL! I love you, man. You think just like I do.

Ron: I’d rather cook our enemies than waste precious bullets on them

Mars: Yep. Solves the African hunger crisis.

Okay. That was just wrong. Even for me.

Ron: I was going to suggest trouble-free pet food, but hey, meat is meat.

Mars: Well, they’re always bitching about starving kids in Africa…

Ron: “Here, Mombutu, have an Iranwich!” Or would be a Croque Mesopotamian?

All I’m saying is if they didn’t send Sally Struthers over there, those kids would have plenty of food.


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