in which Ron is famous as hell

Many moons ago (actually about two years ago), I got my hot paws on a copy of the greatest independent Canadian action-horror-topless nun movie ever, Sinners and Saints. I reviewed the film, gave it great marks, interviewed the writer/director/producer/star Melantha Blackthorne, and it really helped kick open some doors for me in Canada that I’ve since slammed shut after letting the Living Corpse project die after about two years and my own falling off the face of the earth for about 6 months.

Anyway, long story short, I’ve kept in touch with Melantha and the S&S gang, and years ago when she read my review she said that if I didn’t mind, she’d pull a quote from my review and put it on the box. Of course, I complained greatly, but gave in eventually (or not, considering I nearly pissed myself in excitement over having something I wrote make it onto someone’s DVD box). Anyway, long story short, I finally got Mel to send me over a scan of the box art, and here it is below.

Sinners and Saints box art

Click here to further embiggen.

Since I know some of you are blind (at least in one eye), I cropped out my quote (right below that of Rue Morgue Magazine, hee!) and here it is, big as life:

Ron's awesome pull quote

Click here to embiggen (for the extra blind).

I’m famous, bitches!


2 Responses to “in which Ron is famous as hell”

  1. newscoma Says:

    Okay, this is fun. You are famous, aren’t you?

  2. Ron Says:

    Hahah, I wish. I’d like to be on about 15 more video boxes, then maybe I’d get paid for movie reviews, too.

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