Misfits in Inaction

Tonight the Misfits are playing at Expo 5 (supported by my favorite local punk band, the Dead City Rejects), and, strangely, I don’t know if I’m going to go. No, it’s not the real Danzig/Jerry Only/Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein/ROBO Misfits; it’s more like the Jerry Only Traveling Punk Rock All Stars featuring Dez Cadena of Black Flag.

It’s weird, normally I’d be all over this show, but these days all I see is the big hassle to buy tickets at the door, stand in line, fight for a good spot, and pay through the nose for beer. I know what they’re going to play, I’ve seen them like four or five times now, and… I’m just not enthusiastic about it. Maybe I’ve seen them too much, or maybe I’m secretly mad they didn’t bring Balzac with them yet again. Maybe the excitement of seeing Jerry singing the Misfits songs again has worn off because it’s not Danzig (or even Graves, who is actually pretty awesome in person).

I think the problem is it’s a nostalgia act at this point. Expo 5 is a flea market, basically. They’ve got no new album out or anything (not even another covers album). I know exactly what they’ll play (not “Where Eagles Dare”), and if I really want to see them, I can drive a couple hours to Covington and see them play there if I want to, or wait another 6 months or a year and see them when they swing back through again. I think the five years of mostly anniversary tours have dampened my enthusiasm.

Or maybe I’m just getting a wicked case of adultitis. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’ve got three jobs, am facing a month’s worth of overtime and Saturdays, and have had a headache for three days now.

Fuck it, I’m staying home.


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6 Responses to “Misfits in Inaction”

  1. CJ Lines Says:

    I saw the Misfits in 1995 when Graves first joined ’em and they were AWESOME. I don’t remember being so excited about going to see a band ever, even though it was (at that stage) pretty much entirely a nostalgia act; they played two new songs and “American Psycho” was still very much in its infancy.

    Like you, I’ve seen them about four or five times in all and they’ve just got worse each one. I saw them with Myke Hydeous on ‘vocals’, which was entertaining, since he didn’t bother singing most of it; he just passed the mic to members of the audience! Even that was fun.

    But the last time I saw them was about 3 years ago in Liverpool, where the line-up was Jerry, Dez and Marky Ramone. It was awful. In between songs, Jerry just kept lambasting the audience for being too young to remember what real punk was and how the three of them were there the first time round and keeping it real, etc. I grant you that The Misfits, Black Flag and The Ramones are three of my all-time favourite bands but these guys are basically the talentless ones. I mean, Dez got booted out of Black Flag as soon as they started to play songs that required more than three chords!

    Their attitude just really annoyed me. That, coupled with the fact that most of the set was from the 1950s project (which was just abysmal and really highlighted what awful musicians they actually are), meant that I actually walked out before the end. Never thought I’d do that with the Misfits.

    You did well to not bother.

  2. Ron Says:

    Last time I saw them there wasn’t much of that sort of attitude, and I wouldn’t go so far as to say they’re the talentless ones (considering how Dez is my second-favorite of the many singers of Black Flag, mostly because of my insane man-crush on Henry Rollins), but I wasn’t looking forward to a 1950’s Project set with out Jimmy Destri from Blondie.

    I saw Graves when he was promoting “Punk Rock Is Dead,” and he was really fucking good. Even when people showed up just to give him shit. He hung out for a good hour and a half after the show was over signing stuff and talking about the West Memphis 3. Seems like a good guy, which is the exact opposite of what I’d heard about him.

    Thanks for the comment. Instead of shilling for Blood Capsules, should I point people over to your official website in my links section instead? I mean, you do have a book coming out.

  3. CJ Lines Says:

    Jimmy Destri’s playing with them now!? Man, that’s sad. 😦 He’s actually a really good songwriter. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

    I’ve always liked Graves. I think the worst I could say about him was that he’s no Danzig, but then who is?

    Feel free to link to cjlines.com – it never gets updated as I’m absolutely rubbish with websites, but yeah, with the book out in November, it might do good to draw people’s attention! Thanks! 🙂 No one ever seems to read Blood Capsules anyway!

  4. Ron Says:

    No, he’s not, but he played with them at bigger shows when they were promoting the 1950 CD. He played all the keyboards on that album. I know he did shows with them, but he doesn’t seem to like touring these days, which is why he doesn’t go on the road with Blondie anymore.

    I’ll link up your dotcom, as well. I do read Blood Capsules, but usually at work, so I can’t really comment. I did add it to my sidebar like last week, because I’m dumb and kept forgetting about it, so maybe that’ll help spread the word.

  5. Brian McMurphy Says:

    Mark your calendar for November 21. The Reverend Horton Heat and Nashville Pussy will be at The Cannery.

  6. Ron Says:

    That’s funny, you drop a note to let me know about the show, and I’ve already got my tickets. Hell, I’ve had my tickets for a month now, and believe me, I can’t wait. It’s my deepest hope that Hank III comes in pissed off and plays absolutely no country in his set.

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