Psychbilly Freakout, Nashville Style

So, you want to know what I’ll be doing tomorrow about this time? Well, that’s a great question, and let me put it to you this way:

Reverend Horton Heat, Hank Williams III, and Nashville Pussy at Nashville’s beautiful performance venue, The Cannery Ballroom. I will be there with bells on, and if you’re one of Nashville’s illustrious blogging community and you’re going to be there, say hi. I accept free drinks, hearty handjobs handshakes, cash prizes, and of course bits of string.

First person to spot me and say hi gets a free drink. I’ll be the guy in jeans and the shirt below (it’s actually red); not that one, the one with the goatee standing awkwardly off by himself, praying for a familiar face to follow around all night.


Please send pictures (tasteful nudity only).

Author’s note: The Cannery may not, in fact, be beautiful. For all I know it’s a shithole and I’ll get stabbed on my way back to my car after the show. Your mileage may vary.


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4 Responses to “Psychbilly Freakout, Nashville Style”

  1. Ginger Says:

    Darn, you wanted tasteful nudity? I should’ve read this before I sent it.


  2. Jade Says:

    In Ron’s world, “tasteful nudity” means either you’re butt nekkid and holding a beer or you’re butt nekkid and there’s whipped cream involved. 😉

  3. Ron Says:

    Holding a beer or whipped cream, those both sound more like “tasty nudity” rather than tasteful.

  4. Feel Good Friday: Psychobilly Freakout! « Subtle Bluntness Says:

    […] love this song, I love this band. They didn’t play this last time I saw them play (that I can remember, but I was kind of feeling the cumulative effect of a multitude of beverages), […]

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