Positions available, competence not required.

Graphic designer needed for the Nashville Tennessean. No knowledge of HTML required, obviously, since we can’t even HTML our job posting correctly, or even be bothered to go back through and strip out the code automatically inserted by Microsoft Word. While our job posting can look like hot diarrhea straight out of 2girls1cup, miss one comma on your resume and it will be shredded.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: El Oh El. Lrn2Proofread. This is quite possibly the least comprehensible job posting I’ve ever seen, and I’ve applied for government jobs!


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4 Responses to “Positions available, competence not required.”

  1. dolphin Says:

    Seems to me that that might be exactly why they need a graphic designer…

  2. Ginger Says:

    Looking for a job in Music City, are ya?



  3. Ron Says:

    Dolphin: This certainly proves that they have at least one opening, haha.

    Ginger: Hahah, hardly. I like the blogctopus you’ve got going down in Nashville, but I’m not a huge fan of, you know, the rest of the town. Aside from the Flying Saucer and professional football, of course.

  4. Ginger Says:


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