TV beer commercials in the real world

At work on Friday I had an observation while watching TV in the break room.

The only time I’ve ever heard a Trans-Siberian Orchestra song on TV, it’s been in that Miller Lite commercial that we’ve all seen a million times. You know the one: the house with all the Christmas lights, synchronized to the bombastic strains of “Wizards in Winter” from the album The Lost Christmas Eve. Surely, the guy who first did this, and TSO, have to be making a mint off the commercial, which is a yearly tradition on par with “A Christmas Story.”

Well, Newscoma‘s found some footage of someone, in her very own Hooterville, who has synchronized their Christmas lights to a song that ISN’T that overused song. Go check it out!

Author’s note: The originator of this phenomenon is a guy named Carson Williams, and since his house took off and became an internet and advertising sensation, he’s started doing Christmas light and music shows professionally. HOW COOL IS THAT?!


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4 Responses to “TV beer commercials in the real world”

  1. Jade Says:

    Pretty to look at, but then two things always cross my mind:

    1. I wouldn’t want to have to pay THAT electric bill.

    2. I wouldn’t want to be that guy’s neighbor.

    No animated displays around here, but we have one lady who not only has her enormous house painted a shade of teal that can only be described as “blinding”, but each Christmas fills every single square foot of her property with Christmas lights of every shape and form. When asked by the local paper how large her electric bill gets with all the Christmas cheer, she confessed that for years she’s hooked up part of her display to her mother’s section of the house, and her mother never seems to figure out why her bill is so large every December.

  2. Kathy T. Says:

    How is it that I hadn’t found your blog until now, Ron? HELLO! I’m adding you to my blog roll!

  3. Ron Says:

    Jade: in our subdivision, we’ve got one street that, until recently, was absolutely Christmas light central. Every house decorated and went all out. It was great and also a big pain in the ass, considering you had to drive through the traffic to make it. I guess they’ve all moved or died off or something.

    Kathy: I don’t know; normally I’m shameless when it comes to self-promotion! Which blog are you rolling me on?

  4. newscoma Says:

    Wasn’t it groovy?
    Sending you some Christmas joy, my dear.

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