in which Ron perpetuates stereotypes of stinky Frogs

Sarah: my brain is actually refusing to cooperate today. I keep losing the words I want to use.

me: I have those days every day, man. You need coffee

Sarah: you might be right

me: that’s usually my first option

Sarah: yeah, but it’s 5pm on a Friday so maybe I should just accept that I’m now useless

me: Hahaha, well, if you want to give up, sure. Admitting defeat is not the American way, Sarah!

Sarah: ‘s okay, I’m … er… what’s an English stereotype that’d apply here? See, that’s how braindead I am

me: Well… there’s not one for giving up. You guys are the stiff-upper-lip type, not the give-up type. That’s French talk, Sarah. Do you really want to stop shaving your armpits and bathing weekly? Do you!?


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