my love/hate relationship with Roger Corman

Okay, so I’ve already admitted how much I love Roger Corman movies, but if you’ll remember a key line in my otherwise effusive praising of the King of the B’s, I said that in order to find the diamonds you have to search through a fair bit of rough. We’ve focused on the diamonds, now it’s time to take on some of the rough.

Roger Corman is nothing if not an incredible businessman. He’s made money off of most, if not all, of his films, started several successful production/distribution arms and movie studios, and his eye for talent has launched some of the biggest stars in Hollywood. But he’s also signed his name to a lot of crap, cut a ton of corners (making the film Raptor out of scenes cut from the Carnosaur trilogy), and embellished his own formidable legend quite a bit via the magic of self-promotion.

Check out his Den of Geek Dartboard article, courtesy of yours truly, over at… uh, Den of Geek. Considering it’s the Den of Geek Dartboard, I doubt it’d be on Facebook or Shaktronics.


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