Tasteless Jokes About Heath Ledger

I’ve already made my serious commentary on Heath Ledger, but I just can’t hold back anymore. So for those of you who are as sick as I am, there’s gonna be some funny ahead. If you’re not as sick as I am, or can’t appreciate wholly inappropriate jokes, by all means go here and enjoy some LOLcats.

1. First, Brad Renfro died. Then Heath Ledger. Somewhere, Edward Furlong is hiding under his bed with a shotgun,
waiting for Robert Patrick to come after him to try and finish the job.


2a. This is why you don’t go bragging about your apartment to Patrick Bateman.

2b. Christian Bale is a method actor, too.

3. Looks like Heath finally found a way to quit Jake Gyllenhaal.

4. Poor Heath Ledger is just another one of pneumonia’s famous victims, alongside folks like Charles Nelson Reilly and the incredibly heterosexual Freddie Mercury. Looks like Ennis should’ve worn his rubbers up there on Brokeback Mountain.

Seriously, a 28-year-old who is otherwise healthy doesn’t die of pnumonia. This isn’t 1919. He fucked up, mixed his drugs, and overdosed. That’s all there is to it. It’s a shame, but like I’ve always said: Doing drugs doesn’t kill you, mixing drugs kills you. Antidepressants and sleeping pills; sleeping pills and cocaine; or maybe just sleeping pills and NyQuil. Either way, that’s why you don’t mix and match your medication, kids.

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18 Responses to “Tasteless Jokes About Heath Ledger”

  1. Jade Says:

    In the AOL News article on his death, Ledger was described as having a hard time sleeping during filming of “The Dark Knight”. He had spoken of having at one point taken two Ambien and only gotten an hour’s sleep.
    Reading that, I’d say it’s a distinct possibility that he’d taken more than two this time, and things kicked in far more than he’d planned.

    I had something similar happen with some time-release caffeine pills years ago; took one, nothing happened, took a second a few hours later (well under the 6-8 hours the package recommended)…and they BOTH kicked in about a half hour later. I spent the rest of the night shaking like a leaf and thinking my heart was going to explode.

    Lesson of the day, boys and girls: ALWAYS take medication as directed, DO NOT take more than the recommended dosage unless you get the okay from a doctor.

  2. lovesickbilly Says:

    It’s too soon, dude. Too soon. Bad move.

  3. Ron Says:

    If I can’t make fun of dead celebrities, who can I make fun of?

  4. CajoleJuice Says:

    From my own blog and life:

    Me: batman went too far this time
    Friend: indeed
    Friend: he saw him taking all those pills
    Friend: he said
    Friend: i’m not gonna kill you, but that doesnt mean i have to save you
    Friend: then he shut the apartment door

  5. footballerslives Says:

    #3 was my favorite. 🙂
    It’s not too soon. Humor is a coping mechanism.
    Beside, if The Onion can make 9/11 jokes 4 days later and still be hilarious I don’t see how Heath Ledger somehow is a more serious situation and less worthy of humorous release.

  6. lovesickbilly Says:

    Hey, if pissing on graves is what you’re best at, I guess you’re right.

  7. McMuffin Says:

    Well that’s a shame. There obviously won’t be a sequel for the Joker. He killed himself with laughter.

  8. Ron Says:

    Well, laughter and drugs, as we’ve found out officially today.

  9. Jeff Says:

    well at least we know he didn’t kill himself. Heck the guy was in Mary-Kate Olsen’s apartment. When he ate the pills the poor guy was probably just hungry!

  10. Ron Says:

    He wasn’t in MK’s apartment, he was in his own apartment, it was just her bodyguard who checked on him for whatever reason. But still, at least he didn’t kill himself deliberately. Just accidentally.

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  12. Lucy Says:

    Gneeeeeeeee!!! Dear Sweet Heath has become the official poster boy for Ambien Sleeping Pills slogan:

    Sleep like there is no tomorrow!

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  14. Joker Says:

    What’s the difference between Heath Ledger and Heath Ledger jokes?

    Heath Ledger jokes can get old.

  15. Hurr Says:

    It’s never too soon to start crackin jokes.

    I lol’d at all of these.

  16. Ron Says:

    Hahaha, me too. I love how evil this post has become.

  17. Secret Passion Says:

    these just mostly aren’t funny, not because “its too soon” or “you shouldn’t joke about his death” or anything, just …not that funny

  18. Pat Says:

    I love “too soon” jokes.. they are hilarious. Yours… just aren’t funny.

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