Raising Hell, The Web Comic

Raising Hell

So, thanks to the great and wonderful Jade, who is always looking out for me, I’ve discovered what is probably the best webcomic I’ve ever read. It’s called Raising Hell. It’s as good as anything on the comic book store shelves right now, if not better because it usually comes out on time, and… yeah, go check it out.

It hits all my spots. There’s punk rock, zombies, romance, a redheaded sexpot heroine, violence, binge drinking, zombies, a house party, a reference to House Party, comedy, and of course, ZOMBIES! WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! GO GO GO! You’re missing out! If any of this stuff even remotely appeals to you, then you’ll thank me. Even if you don’t like this stuff, check it out anyway.

Brilliant. Totally brilliant.


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3 Responses to “Raising Hell, The Web Comic”

  1. Jade Says:

    Heehee, I KNEW you’d like it. 😀

  2. Ron Says:

    You were totally right; it kicks MAJOR ass.

  3. Andy B Says:

    Thanks guys! things are about to get a little raunchy and then a whole lot Raunchy in the next couple of weeks! followed by great amounts of blood! I’m really pumped on it right now because I’m getting close to the climax of the first arc. Keep reading and thanks for checking it out! AndyB.

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