Intellectual Stimulation

I love it when something I do basically for giggles becomes legitimately interesting. For example, on MLK weekend, I just posted some of my old blaxploitation movie reviews, with little postscript commentaries about the movie or something the movie illustrated and the trailers that I was able to dig up on the movie. Whatever, more of me promoting myself, right?

Well, that’s what it was until The Social Media Project guy (I assume the poster is male, but I could be wrong… and I really wish s/he had a link I could promote) showed up and turned the discussion of Shaft’s plaid pants into a discussion of black culture, blaxploitation movies in general, and how Soul Plane is just as awful for black urban culture as Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector is awful for white Southern culture. It’s been awesome to have my intellectual itch scratched by someone, even though as usual I went off with insanely long answers comparing Ice Cube’s XXX to Kurt Russell’s Snake Plissken.

It may not be good reading to you guys, but I sure as hell am enjoying it. As both an English major and a former graduate student, I love nothing more than to ramble on about stuff no one but me and a few other like-minded people care about while pretending that we’re talking about stuff non-film nerds are interested in. It’s a gift, what can I say?

It’s been a greatly pleasing development for me; a rare chance to stretch the ol’ brain a bit now and then over the course of a couple of days. I generally try to keep my nerdery to myself, since I doubt that many people are interested in comparisons of Eddie Murphy and Jerry Lewis. I’ve been looking forward to every comment, and I’ll be more than a little disappointed when the discussion comes to an end. I love this kind of stuff, but I have no idea how to artificially stimulate this sort of discussion.


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