Indians Love Knight Rider

Over at the Electronics Shack, I posted a link to a Knight Rider case mod that was featured over at Engadget, and complained about the lack of Panjabi MC music being played by the KITT case. Of course, since I posted the video of the KITT mod over there, I couldn’t very well post the YouTube video of the song, either. Howevah, here at my personal blogodecahedron, I can post whatever the hell I’d like, and I’d like to share with you some Indian music video that I found.

Now, I don’t know anything about India. I’ve watched a Bollywood film or two at my old friend Apu’s place, but all the singing and dancing and the lack of subtitles left me horribly confused, and Apu didn’t translate fast enough, so I was mostly just enjoying the lights and noises. I’d like to actually check out some Bollywood films with subtitles (not dubbing), so if anyone has any good recommendations, I’d love to hear them. If they’re as interestingly insane as the above video, then I’m totally down for more.

India looks like an awesome country, if only from this music video. They should just send this out as part of their tourism drive. I mean, this and the Taj Mahal are about all you need, right? Blonde Travolta can be the subcontinent’s version of Paul Hogan!


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One Response to “Indians Love Knight Rider”

  1. squirrelqueen Says:

    I love stuff like this. International music and videos are amazing. The Angry Sikh vs. the Blonde Travolta. Rock solid.

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