Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Bitch!

I still like Mike McColgan better than Al Barr, but I think Dirty Glass is one of the best Dropkick Murphys songs they’ve ever done, and I’m pleasantly surprised at how cute Stephanie Dougherty is. Still, I’ve always wondered if the really rough, gravely parts of the song (“you get him high and you left him low!” and the like) were done by Jimmy Kimmell announcer and Mighty Mighty Bosstones frontman Dicky Barrett, and I still wonder that because they never showed him good enough during the performance. Ah well.

Anyway, Happy St. Patrick’s Day, gang. Obviously I’m Irish, since ther is never a picture of me where I’m not red-faced, puffy, and slightly drunk, but St. Patty’s Day has never been a big deal to me. I don’t go out for it, at least. I drink at home, so I don’t have to find a designated driver and so I don’t have a gigantic bar tab. Still, if you do go out, be careful and be safe!



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One Response to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day, Bitch!”

  1. CuriousC Says:

    Great tunes!

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