brains brains, the musical fruit

I was going to do a legitimate post, but while I’m working on that, have a video of a zombie outbreak instead. I could complain about how real zombies don’t have heat signatures, but that would take away from how good the video is despite the logical inconsistencies. Then again, as anyone could tell you, I’m something of a pedant about my zombie attack videos. So instead of complaining, I’ll tell a Yakov Smirnoff joke.

In America, you eat the flesh of the dead. In Soviet Russia, the dead eat you!

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5 Responses to “brains brains, the musical fruit”

  1. Duncan Says:

    Yeah, he forgot rule #1 for facing zombies.

    Always save the final round for yourself.

  2. Jade Says:

    Okay, that was seriously icky, although you really don’t see much with the thermal view. I’m assuming either the “zombies” wore bulletproof vests or their victim was an incredibly lousy shot.

    The sound of one of the pilots puking afterwards was a nice touch.

  3. Ron Says:

    Well, he’s shooting on the run from an automatic weapon he’s probably not used to, so he might be able to shred the body but he probably won’t get any head shots.

  4. Laura "LeeLee" Says:

    OK, “Resident Evil”… it was not. However, they are Russian. They lost the Cold War. That probably has some very profound biochemical inverse relationship which explains the logical fallacy… you thought you saw in Russian zombies having heat signatures. (Either that, or it was the Chernobyl nuclear disaster – or other Russian nuclear disasters that have never been revealed to the public due to KKK/CIA joint-intelligence operations… that causes Russian zombies to have radioactive heat signatures.)

    The day the new Resident Evil movie opened… my son and I went to go see it. Eating popcorn, watching zombies on the big screeen… a person wouldn’t want to miss a Resident Evil first day in the theatre!!

    (My son is over 17… so it’s not like I warped him or anything by taking him to see the zombies. He was pre-warped to enjoy Resident Evil.)

    I don’t like other zombie movies… just that series.

    Hilarious Russian zombie clip and comments.



  5. Ron Says:

    Great comment, LeeLee! I never thought about the effects of radiation on zombies before.

    (I deleted the other two posts you made. I moderate comments here, which is why your first post didn’t appear right away. You made it once I woke up, though!)

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