Movieland And An Experiment

As you all know by now, thanks to my half-finished porting over of movie reviews and whatnot, I’m a big fan of the cinema. That’s one of the reasons I do the box-office wrap-up over at Den of Geek; I’m already following the news, so I may as well share it and make fun of the attractive but elderly Kim Cattrall, right? But, as of late, I’m not writing up anything about the movies I’ve been seeing, which I used to love to do back when I didn’t have multiple other blogs that needed my content or a full-time job. I’m also not blogging over here as much or with the quality that I’d prefer, so I’ve decided to solve both those problems.

In that spirit, starting this week, I’m going to do a film review a week here on this blog for the next year. I already know what I’m starting with, and now that we’re in the dead zone for sports I follow religiously (save MMA and boxing, apparently), I have a little more time to kill so I figure I may as well expose you, my reader, to the horrible crap and/or brilliant films I tend to watch. Thank me later.


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