Feel Good Friday: The 13th

Joining up with Ginger, Coma, SQ, and the rest of the tubes for a feel-good Friday. Yes, I’m a hopeless trend-follower.

Bonus below the cut: the better Jason compilation video, with Ron’s Drive-In Totals.

Boy that Jason sure knows how to throw a camping trip, doesn’t he? Anyway, let’s get to those Drive-In Totals for the second of two Jason Voorhees compilation videos tonight.

Eight breasts
Fourteen dead bodies
Four butts
One gallon blood
Multiple aardvarking
Gratuitious Limp Bizkit
Gratuitous swimming
Sleeping Bag To The Tree-fu
Broken glass-fu
Heads roll
Arms roll
Head freezing
Head smashing
Neck breaking
Glass breaking
Hockey jokes

And the best part: absolutely no Kevin Bacon to be seen. Five stars; Ron Bob says check it out.

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