Internet Fame, Thanks to James Gunn

Ron adjusts to his new no-coffee lifestyle

Ron adjusts to his new no-coffee lifestyle

As I was glancing through the list of incoming links to my blog, I noticed something. A strange reference link coming to here from Wikipedia. As I’m not a Wikipedia editor, and I’ve never made any changes to Wikipedia to add anything I do for any of these various websites and magazines, I was confused. What could have possibly driven a Wikipedia user to my humble commode?

I clicked over to follow the link and lo and behold, there’s my interview with James Gunn from Living Corpse is linked in the references section on the Dawn of the Dead wiki page. It’s link number four, and it mentions James Gunn’s re-imagining of the original Dawn of the Dead. Amazing how things get around, isn’t it?

If any other Wikipedia editors are reading this, feel free to add links to all my movie reviews, interviews, and et cetera to various Wikipedia pages. The last thing I’d ever complain about is free publicity!


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