Hellboy Uber Alles (at the box office)

Next week, a little film called The Dark Knight is released. Have you heard about this? Apparently, there’s this comic book hero called ‘Batman’ who flies around, hangs upside down, eats bugs, and then does superhero stuff, probably because he was bitten by a radioactive bat or something. I haven’t heard anything about it, since the marketing has been so low-key and subtle, but apparently the kids are very excited about it. I’m sure it’ll be a laff-riot, since we know how funny those yucksters the Katzenjammer Kids are in their funny pages.

Go read my Box Office Report here. Hellboy cleaned up this weekend. Figuratively, not literally. The movie theater floor is as sticky with mystery fluids as you might remember. Box office numbers, now with 150% extra snarky commentary.


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