Dr. Who And You

Regard my article on the Dr. Who experience in America.

sharp-dressed man

sharp-dressed man

I can’t say it’s the universal experience, considering I don’t know how other Wholigans got hooked up by the Doctor, but it’s my experience and how I came to realize that Britain made TV shows other than The Avengers. What about yourselves, my four faithful readers? How did you discover the joys of Tom Baker’s gigantic scarf, Sylvester McCoy’s sweater vest, and the rest of the distinctive Doctor traits between 1963 and 1989?


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One Response to “Dr. Who And You”

  1. Jade Says:

    I really don’t remember how I got into Doctor Who, although I would assume it was because we had very few TV channels to choose from back then and I might have stumbled upon it on my local PBS one day looking for something to watch. Although I did enjoy Sylvester McCoy and Tom Baker’s versions of the Doctor, my favorite Doctor was Peter Davison, who also played Tristan on the BBC series All Creatures Great and Small, which was another of my favorite shows back then courtesy of PBS. (I suppose it helped that I had a minor crush on him at the time. 😀 )

    I have yet to watch the new shows, mainly for fear of either getting hooked or being totally turned off. Nothing is more bothersome than to see one of your childhood/teendom icons totally bastardized for the sake of appealing to the next generation, and although this may not be the case here, I’m too afraid of it happening right now to give it a look.

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