The Dark Knight (2008) Review

The Dark Knight is quite possibly the most hyped film of the year, thanks to the death of Heath Ledger. As it turns out, the second of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films might also be the best film of the year as well. Check out my comprehensive review at Den of Geek.

Honestly, this movie was so good writing the review was practically impossible. It’s so much easier to shred a movie for being bad, but when a movie is so great I have absolutely nothing to complain about? There’s nothing harder than that. I even tried to think of one thing to bitch about, but I had nothing! This might be the best comic book movie of all time. (Yes, better than X-Men 2, Spider-Man 2, and even Iron Man.)

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2 Responses to “The Dark Knight (2008) Review”

  1. Lee Says:

    Saw it last night. Needed to decompress afterwards. Amazingly good, but… damn. Dark Knight indeed.

  2. Ron Says:

    That’s one thing Nolan has in common with Tim Burton. They’re just reaching new levels of dark with the character. Whereas Burton had the darkness mixed with some flash, Nolan has more of the original Bob Kane (or Frank Miller) Batman’s grittiness. It was amazing, but yeah, you definitely had to get your head back together afterwards.

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