Bruce Wayne is $314 million dollars richer.

The Dark Knight is the fastest movie to break $100 million dollars, $200 million dollars, and $300 million dollars. It is the largest opening weekend in history. It has the largest 10-day opening in history. Most importantly, Christopher Nolan’s dark superhero tale has a legitimate chance to pass the horribly cloying Titanic as the top film of all time at the box office.

Read all about it in this week’s box office report. Heath Ledger’s death has a lot to do with this, let’s not kid ourselves; however, even if he was still alive, this movie would have still been huge. After all, it’s Batman and The Joker. Everyone knows their history.


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2 Responses to “Bruce Wayne is $314 million dollars richer.”

  1. CuriousC Says:

    Heehee – even if it does surpass Titanic, we’ll still be endless told that it did so – just so all the nuts can mention Titanic. That thing will never sink. it seems…

  2. Ron Says:

    I know, it truly is a double-edged sword! I just want that boat to stay sunk!

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