Feel Good Friday: Wild Irish Rose

This is kind of a melancholy FGF, because this is my favorite local band, I’ve seen them like 20 times, and their last show is September 13th. It’s sad when things like this happen, but at least I’ll know to get down to Headliners and catch their last performance, no matter what. (They played on my birthday, but I didn’t go. D’oh!) It’s only $10, so I have no excuses despite my mild distaste for the venue of performance’s lack of parking.

Yes, I am in the video. Repeatedly. Mostly it’s my back, though, because I’m a moron. Still, that’s me in the BrooklynHookers.com teeshirt (black, lettering in a circle, fat guy… you can’t miss me). This video was one drummer and two or three rhythm guitarists in the past, so probably about 2003 or 2004. Just my best guess.

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6 Responses to “Feel Good Friday: Wild Irish Rose”

  1. holly Says:

    Did you throw the goat at the camera there at the end? I couldn’t tell. That’s amazing.

  2. Ron Says:

    I’m not sure! Could be!

  3. Feel Good Friday: For the right reason! « GingerSnaps Says:

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  4. Jade Says:

    I saw you twice in there for sure–standing at the edge of the ring of dancers (what, too chicken to get in there? 😉 ). There were a couple places where I thought it might be you but wasn’t certain. That and the BrooklynHookers.com shirt =way cool. 😀

  5. Ron Says:

    Shit, Jade. You know me better than that. They’d filmed two or three other songs by then, so I was just tired!

  6. Jade Says:

    Heehee, I know, but you know I had to give you a hard time about that. 😉

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