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not quite eggnog with bourbon, but what the hell?

December 25, 2007

Have yourself a bottle or 10 of Christmas cheer on me, kids. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Jewmas, and I love you all.

the flying sauced

July 15, 2007

You know, you Tennessee people are all right. The Flying Saucer is my new best friend. Delicious beer floats, great sandwiches, and more beer than even I could possibly comprehend. Mmm… beer.

Don’t drink and drive, kids. You might spill your drink.

Oh yeah, for those of you with pictures from the weekend, hook a brother up. Leave links in the comments, or hit me up via email.

I am Ahab

July 6, 2007


Who cares about the war or terrorism or the price of gas when we really need to be worrying about the increase in the price of beer?! Important issues here, people! My hobbies are at stake!

If this is the result of increased usage of ethanol, then by God we need to go back to good old-fashioned whale oil to power our cars, because I pay too damn much for a six-pack of Bass as it is. Sure that’d increase the price of whale, but I don’t eat whale so I don’t care. I do drink beer, and every penny counts when it comes to brewery-fresh deliciousness.

So help me, Al Gore, if this is because of your environmentalist crapola I’m going to run your ass over with an electric car. Don’t you lecture me from your private planes and your mansions, you bastard. Get between me and my lager and you’ll find that I’m a clean-burning, energy-efficient killing machine. There is no more inconvenient truth than death, my bearded nemesis.


June 23, 2007

I met up with some friends from college tonight to eat at BW3 (twice the price, half the food… but at least the sauce selection is of the good). Someone at my table got a mai tai, and I got myself a healthy glass of Bass. Of course, it cost me $5, which is insane and way too much. My next giant glass of beer was a Miller Lite, and how much did THAT run me? $3.50.


This was like a 23 ounce beer or something, so maybe I shouldn’t complain. But still! Is beer this expensive everywhere, or is it just this expensive places I end up buying beer at? (At the Hall of Fame Cafe, over by U of Louisville, a 24oz. Bass cost me $7.50!)

This is why I do my drinking at home, folks (and yes, I’m drinking right now, which is why this piece is neither well-written nor funny).