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Choose your own post title

November 7, 2007

Do you want to call this post the Miami Hurricraps, or the Miami Crappicanes?

Either way, I’m going to indulge in a little schadenfreude and rub Ginger‘s nose in the crapulence of her hometown college’s shitty, shitty football team. Kirby Freeman sucked the other day. He was, quite possibly, the suckiest suck that ever sucked. And I couldn’t be happier to see him get hammered by NC State.

It’s not that I hate the kid personally; however, he is a Miami Hurricane and thus, I do hate everything he stands for when he puts that prisoner orange and pea green jersey on. He might be the nicest kid in the world, but if he is, why is he playing for Convict U? That fact alone tells me he probably has bodies buried under the floorboards of his house or that he picks up his women at the middle (junior high) school.

I think the most I’ve ever celebrated a college football win is not Kentucky beating LSU, but Louisville beating the evil Miami Hurricanes. I was so pleased by the flek when I saw it I wrote about it not only at the Flektor Development Blog and Sports Bastards, but also here.

That’s right, one clip montage set to the Beck song “Loser” inspired three different posts about how much I hate Luther Campbell University. In your face, Jimmy Johnson!

Subtle Bluntness presents: Galaxy 500

September 25, 2007
Vodpod videos no longer available.

So this is what I did with my night. Enjoy (and if you don’t enjoy, keep it to yourself).

It was ridiculously easy, and I didn’t even use the easy option! I used the full, powerful, linear editor. The hardest part was actually finding the appropriate random pictures on Google. Uploading the pictures was a snap. Doing the few animations was simple as pie. Adjusting just how long you want each image to display was a simple click and drag on a scroll bar. If I can do this, anyone can do this. If you don’t want to take the time to build the video yourself, you can use the quick edit option like I did to throw together my little poll about the ‘don’t taze me bro’ guy.

Am I a big MySpace user? No, not really. But will I probably use Flektor to make stuff for here, Sports Bastards, or Den of Geek? Yeah, I definitely think I’ll do that (especially for Sports Bastards, because I have some ideas for nominating a certain Deadspin meme for President in 2008).

EDIT 9/26 3:55 PM: At the suggestion of Flektor master Justice, I’m going to try to add some video of Jim shredding the guitar solo in the middle of the flek, rather than the long slow pan of the still picture of him. That’d kick ass.

Don’t tase me, bro!

September 20, 2007
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Okay, I took down the older post with this title, because Ginger figured out how to embed Fleks into blogs. You go to VodPod’s special WordPress section, bookmark it or install the add-on, and when you find a video you want to embed, you rip the embed code, click on the VodPod bookmark or icon (you might have to find it and add it by customizing your Firefox browser like I did), enter your blog information, and click publish.

Haloholics, anon.

August 22, 2007

I have another Flektor blog post up, this one extolling the virtues of Halo 3.  Now, I’ve played the original Halos, but wasn’t a huge fan, mostly because I can’t deal with all that blurry 3-D moving around on a crappy little TV screen.

But, I am human.  When I saw the screenshots in the flek, and how cool they looked, I got excited, and I’m not even a Halo fanatic.  Just because I probably can’t play the game doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how cool it looks, y’know?  And it looks bad ass.

Go check it out, kids.

While you’re off enjoying some eye candy, I’ll be figuring out how I want to self-promote my various daily blog posts at other venues across this here setting.  Maybe a weekly roundup or something, in case maybe you don’t go to Shaktronics every day or subscribe to the Flektor blog (you heartbreaking monsters!)

The Big Announcement

August 19, 2007

Okay folks, since I’ve finished my first blog for the good folks at Flektor, I’m able to, uh… announce that I’m now blogging and working for Flektor. My first post is up, so go check it out here, all you Survivorman and Man Vs. Wild-obsessed maniacs! Do it, or else I won’t get to keep the job.

So. what’s Flektor? Well, I’m glad you asked. Or I’m glad you’re able to allow me to assume you’re asking that question. Either way, I’m going to continue.

Flektor is a new tool that allows you, the user at home, to make your own videos, slideshows, and whatever else you might want to do. In short, it’s a way for those of us too poor to afford Final Cut Pro and a $2000 Apple computer to make our own content and jump into the whole Web 2.0 thingamajig all the kids are talking about these days. The editing suite runs via magic derived from grinding unicorn horns into powder and mixing it with liger blood (or Flash), and if you guys make some great Fleks, then I’ll definitely promote you on the front page of the Flektor blog and let you know you’re being promoted so you can link back to Flektor.

Or I can just beg you directly to please link to Flektor, but how does that make you the next Acceptable.TV? It doesn’t, and I’m trying to help you guys get famous here.