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seduced by a hobbit

May 7, 2008

As you might or might not know, World of Warcraft and I have been in an on-again, off-again relationship for quite some time. I’ll admit, I haven’t always been faithful. I’ve had flings with old girlfriends (Fallout), I’ve got a lady on the side as a casual thing (Guild Wars), and occasionally I’ve been known to go out and shake it at the club with some hoochies (the Wii), but I always come back to my old faithful WoW. Well, not exactly faithful, since there are 10 million other people pwning her on a daily basis, but she always put out for me, and that’s all I ask.

I strayed again recently. It was a tawdry 9 ½ WeeksDays I spent exploring every sticky, tight crevasse of Lord of the Rings Online, but it wasn’t love. Not like it is with WoW. She’s not as pretty as LotRO, but she’s a lot more fulfilling, has more content, and lets you thoroughly explore her end-game content unlike the one-trick pony that is LotRO. Like that gay cowboy movie said, “I wish I knew how to quit WoW.”

Indians Love Knight Rider

February 26, 2008

Over at the Electronics Shack, I posted a link to a Knight Rider case mod that was featured over at Engadget, and complained about the lack of Panjabi MC music being played by the KITT case. Of course, since I posted the video of the KITT mod over there, I couldn’t very well post the YouTube video of the song, either. Howevah, here at my personal blogodecahedron, I can post whatever the hell I’d like, and I’d like to share with you some Indian music video that I found.

Now, I don’t know anything about India. I’ve watched a Bollywood film or two at my old friend Apu’s place, but all the singing and dancing and the lack of subtitles left me horribly confused, and Apu didn’t translate fast enough, so I was mostly just enjoying the lights and noises. I’d like to actually check out some Bollywood films with subtitles (not dubbing), so if anyone has any good recommendations, I’d love to hear them. If they’re as interestingly insane as the above video, then I’m totally down for more.

India looks like an awesome country, if only from this music video. They should just send this out as part of their tourism drive. I mean, this and the Taj Mahal are about all you need, right? Blonde Travolta can be the subcontinent’s version of Paul Hogan!

The Saw Video Game?!

January 31, 2008

Yeah, that’s right. They’re going to make a video game based on the multiple-Oscar winning cinema classic Saw! Some snippets from the article above, for those too lazy to read:

There’s no real word on what the game play will be like, but I can only see it going in one of two directions. It will either be like Rockstar’s Manhunt with less plot, or Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series but with absolutely no fun. Either way, I see blood by the gallons, genitals in bear traps, and absolutely no redeeming social values whatsoever other than the important lesson, “It hurts to stick tender bits into bear traps, so don’t do it.”

Finally, a violent video game Uwe Boll can’t make into a movie!

Of course, I make a great recommendation for a MMORPG I’d dump WoW to play in a heartbeat (not Fallout this time, but a different one [though I will be playing the Fallout MMORPG]), but if I told you what it is here, you wouldn’t have to go read it, now wouldya?

Wii Love Games

January 18, 2008

So, I finally bit the bullet and picked myself up a Nintendo Wii with a massive bundle via Wal-Mart. Read more details here.

Anyone have any recommendations for games or much-needed accessories I should pick up, aside from Wii Sports?

Giveaway Time!

October 9, 2007

So we’re having another free stuff festival over at Shaktronics, and there have been like three entries in 9 days. It’s really disappointing, considering it’s free and I’ve personally linked at least 10 people, and only two of them signed up. So, I’m linking everyone here too.

Go over to Shaktronics and win yourself a Rocketfish Wireless Keyboard and a Rocketfish Wireless Mouse (at the same time) by clicking on this link and doing the following stuff:

*Leave a comment on this post about your newest technology purchase. There will be other posts that refer to the Shaktronics Giveaway but only comments left on this post will count as an entry.

*Link back to this post using the “Another Shaktronics Giveaway” banner in a post on your blog or site.

*If you do not have a blog, leave your e-mail address and tell your friends.

*All comments must be entered by midnight, October 30th.

Come on, it’s free and easy! If you don’t want the wireless keyboard and mouse, I’ll take them off your hands after you win the contest.

We’re doomed! Every year we’re doomed!

September 13, 2007

When will people ever learn? Nobody listened to me when I railed against the Japanese toddler robot, and now there’s Zeno. Zeno, the boy robot.


You know what, Blade Runner? Never mind. We’re screwed; we’re completely and totally screwed. Bring on the combat robots with human faces and start the slaughter of humanity.

I, for one, welcome our new cybernetic overlords.

Free stuff!

September 10, 2007

I know you guys like free stuff, so get on over to Shaktronics and register to win yourself a free HD webcam! All you do is go here, leave a comment with your favorite electronics device, and you’re automatically entered to win. So quit hanging around here and go get your free on!

Go go go!

RE: your brains

September 9, 2007

I found it linked from 6MB to Stop the ACLU to Lawyers, Guns and Money, so I’ll follow the link train all the way down.  I haven’t agreed with a lot of the stuff he’s done as president, but I’m behind this new zombie-killing initiative.

Since we’re on the zombie train tonight, here’s one of my favorite WoW machinima videos ever, set to the excellent Jonathan Coulton song “RE:  Your Brains.”  It should be no surprise to anyone that my favorite zones in World of Warcraft (Tirisfal Glades, Eastern & Western Plaguelands, and Duskwood) all happen to be infested with zombies and require a great deal of zombie-killing prowess.  This video takes place mostly in Tirisfal and the Undead starting level, with a few sneak peeks at Western Plaguelands.

feed the children

August 30, 2007

Mars: You see this?

AP:  Pentagon balks at using ‘ray gun’ for Iraqi crowd control

Mars: … Doesn’t even sound like the thing is actually ready to be used, according to the notes at the bottom of the story.

Ron: “Unlike a stint in Abu Ghraib with Lynndie England, the ADS only provides a mild burning sensation on the skin, and not a burning sensation when you pee.”

Mars: Hahaha.

They counted on the knee-jerk reaction there. “OMG WE HAVE A RAYGUN?!?!!!!111oneoneoneoneone..”

Ron: Dude, that’s an awesome development. Call me back when it becomes a death ray

Mars: LOL! I love you, man. You think just like I do.

Ron: I’d rather cook our enemies than waste precious bullets on them

Mars: Yep. Solves the African hunger crisis.

Okay. That was just wrong. Even for me.

Ron: I was going to suggest trouble-free pet food, but hey, meat is meat.

Mars: Well, they’re always bitching about starving kids in Africa…

Ron: “Here, Mombutu, have an Iranwich!” Or would be a Croque Mesopotamian?

All I’m saying is if they didn’t send Sally Struthers over there, those kids would have plenty of food.

Haloholics, anon.

August 22, 2007

I have another Flektor blog post up, this one extolling the virtues of Halo 3.  Now, I’ve played the original Halos, but wasn’t a huge fan, mostly because I can’t deal with all that blurry 3-D moving around on a crappy little TV screen.

But, I am human.  When I saw the screenshots in the flek, and how cool they looked, I got excited, and I’m not even a Halo fanatic.  Just because I probably can’t play the game doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how cool it looks, y’know?  And it looks bad ass.

Go check it out, kids.

While you’re off enjoying some eye candy, I’ll be figuring out how I want to self-promote my various daily blog posts at other venues across this here setting.  Maybe a weekly roundup or something, in case maybe you don’t go to Shaktronics every day or subscribe to the Flektor blog (you heartbreaking monsters!)