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Happy Blogaversary To The Best Blogger Ever

June 1, 2008

Well, as of yesterday, this old blog (as opposed to my TV show in development, This Ol’ Blog) has been around for an entire year. That’s right, 365 days of shamelessly self-promoting articles at Den of Geek about Jackie Chan, making fun of Steven Seagal, and of course, tasteless jokes about dead celebrities.

And to think, when I first started this blog I promised I wouldn’t indulge in a lot of shameless self-promotion. Yet here I am, whoring my own links for fun and profit and theoretical dollars. If I wasn’t so awesome, my hypocritical stand would bother me. Fortunately, like most famous people, it’s do as I say, not as I do.

How I stuck with this shit this long I’ll never know.

Author’s Note: Here is Google’s top link for blogaversary. Is anyone really surprised? Newscoma > Internet