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Feel Good Friday: TV Party

September 26, 2008

I love this song, and I wish Black Flag would reunite their 5-man lineup and come to my town. I know they’re all old and don’t get along now, but it’s not like I’d be giving them a choice. It’s my fantasy, after all, so I’ll make them do whatever I want.

Misfits in Inaction

November 2, 2007

Tonight the Misfits are playing at Expo 5 (supported by my favorite local punk band, the Dead City Rejects), and, strangely, I don’t know if I’m going to go. No, it’s not the real Danzig/Jerry Only/Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein/ROBO Misfits; it’s more like the Jerry Only Traveling Punk Rock All Stars featuring Dez Cadena of Black Flag.

It’s weird, normally I’d be all over this show, but these days all I see is the big hassle to buy tickets at the door, stand in line, fight for a good spot, and pay through the nose for beer. I know what they’re going to play, I’ve seen them like four or five times now, and… I’m just not enthusiastic about it. Maybe I’ve seen them too much, or maybe I’m secretly mad they didn’t bring Balzac with them yet again. Maybe the excitement of seeing Jerry singing the Misfits songs again has worn off because it’s not Danzig (or even Graves, who is actually pretty awesome in person).

I think the problem is it’s a nostalgia act at this point. Expo 5 is a flea market, basically. They’ve got no new album out or anything (not even another covers album). I know exactly what they’ll play (not “Where Eagles Dare”), and if I really want to see them, I can drive a couple hours to Covington and see them play there if I want to, or wait another 6 months or a year and see them when they swing back through again. I think the five years of mostly anniversary tours have dampened my enthusiasm.

Or maybe I’m just getting a wicked case of adultitis. I’m sure it doesn’t help that I’ve got three jobs, am facing a month’s worth of overtime and Saturdays, and have had a headache for three days now.

Fuck it, I’m staying home.

TV Party 2-Nite.

October 10, 2007

TV Party tonight! TV Party tonight!

The Office 4:02 – “Dunder Mifflin Infinity”

Reaper 1:02 – “Charged”

Look for me, when I get caught up with my work, to add The Bionic Woman to my list of shows I’m reviewing over at Den of Geek. You guys should head on over and leave some comments. That way I can feel like someone actually reads my posts over there.