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The Dark Knight (2008) Review

July 19, 2008

The Dark Knight is quite possibly the most hyped film of the year, thanks to the death of Heath Ledger. As it turns out, the second of Christopher Nolan’s Batman films might also be the best film of the year as well. Check out my comprehensive review at Den of Geek.

Honestly, this movie was so good writing the review was practically impossible. It’s so much easier to shred a movie for being bad, but when a movie is so great I have absolutely nothing to complain about? There’s nothing harder than that. I even tried to think of one thing to bitch about, but I had nothing! This might be the best comic book movie of all time. (Yes, better than X-Men 2, Spider-Man 2, and even Iron Man.)

Hellboy II: The Golden Army Review

July 15, 2008
Hellboy says click the links... or else

Hellboy says click the links... or else

If you’re interested in my thoughts on Hellboy, Guillermo Del Toro’s genius with visuals, the funniest movie singalong in some time, and of course my man-crush on the awesome Ron Perlman, click here and read my Den of Geek review of Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Featuring absolutely gorgeous cinematography and special effects (practical effects, not just CGI), Hellboy II could show George Lucas how to do CGI without overdoing CGI.

If that’s not enough for you (and I know it’s not, because you’re all insatiable for the stuff I love), then click further into the website and check out DoG’s exclusive interview with Hellboy II director Guillermo Del Toro as he chats all things Hellboy, The Hobbit, and how he’s become the guardian angel of first-time directors after his horrible experience working on Mimic.

Raising Hell, The Web Comic

February 1, 2008

Raising Hell

So, thanks to the great and wonderful Jade, who is always looking out for me, I’ve discovered what is probably the best webcomic I’ve ever read. It’s called Raising Hell. It’s as good as anything on the comic book store shelves right now, if not better because it usually comes out on time, and… yeah, go check it out.

It hits all my spots. There’s punk rock, zombies, romance, a redheaded sexpot heroine, violence, binge drinking, zombies, a house party, a reference to House Party, comedy, and of course, ZOMBIES! WHY ARE YOU STILL READING THIS?! GO GO GO! You’re missing out! If any of this stuff even remotely appeals to you, then you’ll thank me. Even if you don’t like this stuff, check it out anyway.

Brilliant. Totally brilliant.

based on a major motion picture

December 7, 2007

Hey, Ron talks about comic books! Specifically, a free comic book designed to promote I Am Legend that you can read part of over the eBays! Everyone loves free! Not only is the comic free, so is my review! That’s like… three free things!

Now with extra exclamation points!

Soon, there will be much Dan O’Bannon. After that? Why, Roger Corman, my personal hero and King of the BeeB’s!