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TV beer commercials in the real world

December 15, 2007

At work on Friday I had an observation while watching TV in the break room.

The only time I’ve ever heard a Trans-Siberian Orchestra song on TV, it’s been in that Miller Lite commercial that we’ve all seen a million times. You know the one: the house with all the Christmas lights, synchronized to the bombastic strains of “Wizards in Winter” from the album The Lost Christmas Eve. Surely, the guy who first did this, and TSO, have to be making a mint off the commercial, which is a yearly tradition on par with “A Christmas Story.”

Well, Newscoma‘s found some footage of someone, in her very own Hooterville, who has synchronized their Christmas lights to a song that ISN’T that overused song. Go check it out!

Author’s note: The originator of this phenomenon is a guy named Carson Williams, and since his house took off and became an internet and advertising sensation, he’s started doing Christmas light and music shows professionally. HOW COOL IS THAT?!